In a fast-changing world, with the current economic climate, faced with a future that appears more challenging than ever, it has never been more compelling to engage with the forerunners driving change - Startups. What could be better than bringing two ecosystems together and watching as synergies unfold?

India is the world’s 2nd largest Startup ecosystem, the 6th largest economy and the second-largest smartphone market in the world. The startup scene in India has grown dynamically in the last twenty years and has been maturing over the last few years. With the rising middle class, the digital revolution that’s been sweeping over the rural areas and with a population of over a billion, the market potential is huge.

The German startup ecosystem, in terms of ecosystem strength, is globally ranked 9th. It is known for its innovative business models and non-standard products. In addition to being international, the German startup ecosystem is also well organized, making it an attractive location for foreign startups that want to go global. 

IGYLF Startup Con 2020 is a flagship event under the umbrella of IGYLF, to be held online on 18th July 2020. The event provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in creating an everlasting impact through the medium of a Startup within the context of India and Germany. It provides a platform that brings together Investors, Founders, Startups, Students, Corporates, Experts and Officials from the media, to explore the future together.